Diplomatic Tension on Peak After Attack on Saudi Embassy in Iran, Iraq

Diplomatic Tension on Peak After Attack on Saudi Embassy in Iran, Iraq


Tehran, Riyadh, Baghdad: Saudi authorities ordered Iranian ambassador to leave the country in 24 hours after the attack on Saudi embassy in Tehran. Tension is raising among the two Muslim countries after execution of nimr al-nimr a famous Shiite leader in Saudi Arabia. Tensions between the two countries suspended diplomatic relations. Rocket attack on Saudi embassy in Baghdad killing one and injured many.

Recently Saudi Arabia hanged more than 47 people including some Shiite leaders. Shiite people from all over the world demonstrating against the execution of Shiite leader. Saudi Arabia recently after the attack on Saudi embassy in Iran, Saudi Arabia terminated the diplomatic relations with Iran.

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Foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adil-al-Jabir while talking to the media announced about termination of diplomatic relations with Iran. He also ordered Iranian ambassador and staff to leave the country in 48 hours. Iran is trying to derail the security of Saudi Arabia. All the 47 people hanged was proved guilty by a court not the Govt of Saudi Arabia he added while talking to the media on Monday. Saudi foreign minister Adil-al-Jabir also cancelled his visit of Pakistan. It is important to know that Adil-al-Jabir is visiting Pakistan for discussing details about joint military against Islamic State.

Saudi Arabia recently open their embassy in Baghdad after the Iraq Saudi Arabia war in 1980. After the attack on Iraq by United States most of the Shia leaders are in power in Iraq leaving diplomatic relations of Saudi Arabia and Iraq at zero. Arab spring is also a worst crisis the whole Arab world has to face in the next day. Deadly terrible policy on Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan makes more troubles for the Arab world.

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