Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

According to the world drug report almost a quarter of a billion people use illegal drugs in one form or another, popular drugs now a days include marijuana, crack cocaine, crystal meth, heroin and etc. As science has progressed new and more potent drugs have been created with equally drastic effects on the user’s health.

Pharmaceutical companies have now entered the picture with laboratory made synthetic drugs which are sold legally in some countries under the guise of bath salts or incense. People have used their imaginations and their creativity to create some extremely potent and sometimes fatal drugs in the name of recreation.

Here are the top ten most dangerous drugs in the world today.

10. Lean/Purple Drank

Lean or Purple Drank is the name given to a drink made by mixing cold medicine with sweets and soda water, cold medicine has a high content of codeine and promethazine which provides the high. The color of the final drink is purple because of the dyes in cold medicine hence the name Purple Drank.

According to doctors the prescribed amounts of codeine and promethazine are safe, but lean is made with very high dosages of cold medicine, the promethazine in the drinks affects the nervous system while codeine effects the respiratory system drinking lean regularly of in high quantities can cause respiratory failure.


09. Heroin

Heroin is made from opium and it is used as a painkiller, it is used recreationally for its ecstatic effects on the body and the brain. When used frequently a strong physical dependence is created and the addiction is extremely hard to get rid of.

In its purest form heroin does not have any longtime affects accept the addiction, but the quality of street heroin and the atmosphere where it used is could be extremely dangerous. In some areas of the world sharing of needles among addicts is a major cause of spreading of HIV. The overdose of heroin has also proven to be fatal.


08. Scopolamine

Also known as “Devil’s Breath” scopolamine is a highly potent drug, it is found in Colombia and it can wipe out your memory, block free will and can even be fatal. According to reports criminals blow scopolamine or put it in the drugs of the victims putting them in a Zombie like state, their free will gone, the criminals then easily manipulate them. There are stories that victims emptied out their bank accounts themselves and gave all the money to the criminals. Scopolamine is made from a very common tree in Colombia calle the “Borrachero Tree.”


07. Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine created a huge drug epidemic when it was introduced in United States in the 1980s, initially cocaine was very expensive as it was quite rare and it was difficult to produce. But when it became widespread drug dealers found out a way to distill it into powder form using baking soda, thus making it possible to distribute less quantities to more people.

Regular use of crack cocaine can damage the lungs, kidneys and liver of the user, it also does permanent damage to the blood vessels leading to heart attacks and strokes. Besides physical dependence it also creates psychological problems and drive the user to do unthinkable deeds to acquire the drug.


06. Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth was a popular drug way before the famous TV series Breaking Bad, this is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. During the second world war methamphetamine was widely used to help the soldiers keep awake for long periods of time. Japanese Kamikaze pilots supposedly used methamphetamine before their missions.

Crystal Meth has extremely dangerous effects, begging users suffer from anxiety and sleep deprivation, in regular users it will sink their skin and damage their brain vessels thus creating brain damage.


05. AH-7921

The AH-7921 was once legal and was available for purchase on online stores but in January 2015
It was classified as a Class A drug. Known as the “legal heroin” it is said that it has 80% of the potency of morphine. Although there has been only one reported death by AH-7291 in UK it is still believed to be extremely dangerous and it can cause gangrene and respiratory failure.


04. Flakka

Known popularly as the “Zombie Drug” flakka is quite similar to bath salts and it causes extreme delirium and some even say it causes cannibalism as it has been reported in some cases. This is another synthetic drug marketed as an alternative for ecstasy, although it has very different effects.

The effects of the drug are so strong that it can cause permanent psychological damage, in some cases the users attacked random people killing them and eating their faces, hence the name, “Zombie Drug”. Other than that it can cause heart failure too.


03. Bath Salts

The name bath salts is given to numerous designer drugs, these are not the bath salts that you put in your bathtub, these are extremely potent chemicals which can put the user in a zombie like state. The name is just a disguise to sell this drug legally. The user will suffer from panic attacks, mood swings and violent behavior, other side effects include psychiatric behavior and psychosis.


02. Whoonga

This drug is most prevalent in South Africa, is made up of several antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of HIV, since South Africa has a high rate of HIV that is why it is common there but now it is spreading to other areas. Whoonga is an extremely addictive drug with dangerous side effects including internal bleeding and stomach ulcers which can lead to an untimely death.


1. Krokodil

This Russian drug is the most dangerous drug in the world, it has many nicknames like the flesh eating drug or the zombie drug because when Krokodil is injected in the body the area where it is injected starts to rot and even fell right off the bones. This drug is also made using codeine, different chemicals like paint thinner or hydroelectric acid and has become a cheap alternative for heroin. Although the drug first appeared in Russia but now it has crossed borders as it is considerably cheaper than heroin. But the price is that the average lifespan of an addict is two to three years.

Pavel, 31 years old, shows the effects of the krokodil on his skin. The chemicals used to prepare krokodil cause deep wounds and sores.
Pavel, 31 years old, shows the effects of the krokodil on his skin. The chemicals used to prepare krokodil cause deep wounds and sores.


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