Daily Use Of Vitamin E Can Protect From Pneumonia

Daily Use Of Vitamin E Can Protect From Pneumonia


Helsinki: According to the medical experts of Finland if nonsmoking aged people add 50 grams of vitamin E in their daily diet their chances of getting pneumonia decrease by 72%.


This study has been conducted under the lead of the director of University of Finland, Dr. Herry Himela, during this study experts re-examined the research conducted from 1985 to 1993 done on smoking adults aging from 50 to 69 years.


Almost 7,469 men were included in the research who were given a 50 mg dose of vitamin E for long periods of time.


After analysing the results of this research once again the study has concluded that the men who quit smoking during this period were the ones who benefitted the most because of vitamin E, they had 72% less of a chance to have pneumonia.


Those men who started smoking at the age of 21 or later also benefitted from vitamin E, but they only reduce 35% chances of getting pneumonia.


Those who exercised while smoking less reduced the chances of pneumonia by 65%, the least amount of benefit from vitamin E was received by heavy smokers as this group only decreased the chance of getting pneumonia by just 12.9%.


Experts have advised the people to quit smoking in this study which has been published in research journal named “Clinical Interventions In Aging”.
Do note that vitamin E is also available in the form of supplements, whereas it is also present in almonds, peanuts, vegetables oil, sunflower, soya bean oil, wheat and corn in massive amounts.

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