Customer Acceptance is Knowing who You are doing Business With!

Customer Acceptance is Knowing who You are doing Business With!

As an entrepreneur, you know how important current customer data is. Having financial information about your business relationships is a prerequisite for doing business successfully. Clear and up-to-date reports, which are immediately available online, at a reasonable price and what you really benefit from.
In our company reports and consumer reports, in addition to the detailed credit score, a traffic light system is used, so that everyone within the organization can use the reports.

Why should I use credit reports?
To be able to make informed business decisions.
To ensure that you get paid on time.
To protect your company against the risk of bad debts.
With the credit information report, you will immediately see whether your business partner is able to meet its payment obligations. This way you can easily determine with whom you want to do business and under what conditions.

Reporting Accounts” advises you on how you can use existing customer data for customer management and retention.

That results in:

Company Information
Company reports from debt collection are affordable, comprehensive quality reports that provide you with all the information you need to make informed business decisions. We offer reports on all kind of companies, individual directors and a complete range of international data for British core markets and the rest of the world. Our credit reports are based on the most up-to-date company information database on more than 2 million companies throughout England. This information is updated daily to ensure that our reports are as accurate as possible. In our reports you can see all the important information you need at a glance. But you can also find all the data for a more detailed analysis.

Our reports contain standard:

Credit score and limit
Annual reports for 5 years
Information about lawsuits
Information about drivers
Expected payments
Consumer information
All customer information in one report

With the consumer reports you get the most detailed information about a person. You will see, among other things, the results of our identity, address and credit check. You discover whether the customer is in the bankruptcy or curator register, owns a rental or rental home, what type of property it is, what business takes place and whether it happens to be a special address. Not only for the current address, but also for previous addresses. You will of course also gain insight into any relevant managerial functions at companies.

With the consumer reports from you get a complete picture of your customer at a glance and you are better able to get more out of your customer relationship. You can adequately assess payment risks, improve your data quality, increase the collection probability and reduce the number of fraud cases.

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