Common Blood Pressure Medicine Can Cause Depression

Common Blood Pressure Medicine Can Cause Depression


Glasgow: Health experts have said more than 20% of the global population of people 18 years old or above have blood pressure problems, the common medicines used for the treatment of blood pressure affects the mood of the patient and can push them into depression.


Blood pressure diseases are called “Silent Killers” and they can cause heart attacks and paralysis, according to a recent research, patients that use beta blockers or calcium channel blockers are twice more likely to get hospitalized due to depression than normal people.


This research has been conducted in Glasgow where over 500,000 patients with ages ranging from 40 to 80 years old were observed for five years. Almost 150,000 patients were given angiotensin and beta or calcium channel blockers for blood pressure, whereas a 100,000 patients did not take any medicine.


Then the patients were observed for mood swings,bipolar disorders and depression.


More than 299 patients were hospitalized due to depression after three months of medication, patients using beta blockers and calcium channel blockers were double in numbers than those who did not use anything.


Patients using thyroid diuretics also showed same symptoms as patients using beta blockers or calcium channel blockers.


Experts have advised to re-evaluate the blood pressure controlling medicines in the light of this research’s results.


On the other hand ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzymes) inhibitors and ARB (Angiotensin to Beta Blockers) help in reducing depression and disappointment.


Depression and cardiac problems are deeply connected, a previous research showed people often suffer from depression after strokes and heart attacks.


This means a normal person can also become a heart patient if he remains in depression for long period of time, proving that blood pressure medicine is related to depression.


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