Climate Change may Cause Delays in the Flights, British scientist

Climate Change may Cause Delays in the Flights, British scientist


London: British scientist has warned about delays in the flights and excessive fuel usage due to climate change and jet streams, Unexpected weather change also leads to uncomfortable journey.

According to the scientists of Reading University aviation industry is considered to be responsible of air pollution which leads to massive change in the climate of earth above 20,000 feet. West bound flight from America to Britain will take almost 2 more hours to reach at the destination. Planes from west to east will need more fuel and energy to reach on stop in time.

Aviation industry who is the responsible for air pollution is not the only victim of climate change. More than 1 Billion people affected by climate change and change in level of Oxygen in the air. Most of humans are not aware of air pollution and we should try to spread more awareness regarding this. We need more oxygen, water will more oxygen helps us to reduce the hunger, Food prices and quality of our environment.

According to the experts of physics and energy efficiency expert warned the aviation industry about the fuel usage in the next few year. They also warned about the unexpected increase in fair.

Global warming is the one of the most notable reason of intense weather in certain areas of earth. Last year world 8 most powerful nation meet to control the amount of carbon dioxide release. Trillions of kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted to the earth’s environment monthly by those eight most power nations.

Experts also warned about extreme weather due to intense amount of carbon dioxide emission. The rainy areas will face more drought in the next year while the desert to receive heavy rains and massive floods. Oxygen level is also decreasing rapidly in the oceans, almost 70% of world Oxygen is from oceans.

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