China warns U.S and North Korea for disturbing global peace

China warns U.S and North Korea for disturbing global peace

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China suggested North Korea, as per situation of the global peace, that North Korea should pause its Nuclear missile testings, in order to maintain the global peace. Chinese interior minister said that meanwhile U.S should also stop the annual joint military exercises with the SOuth Koreans, that always disturbs the North Korea.

Suggestion came at the time when few days back North Korea did another testings of its four more latest nuclear ballistic missiles, before this North Korea also did several other Nuclear ballistic missile tests, that is against the U.N rules.

After few days of the North Korean missile testings ,U.S started the installation of the latest THAAD anti missile systems in South Korea. China due to the traditional interactions and the neighbourhood, is an important supporter of North Korea.

At the annual Parliamentarians meeting of China, the interior minister said that the conflicts among these countries are like two running trains towards each other, and both are not ready to give way to the other he said. That are these two countries ready for the battle.

He also said that ceasing the military operations by both countries can reveal a better relation among the both countries. Last Monday North Korean tested missiles fallen into the Japanese sea, after which Japan and U.S, described that this will be creating a new danger level in the region. UN also condemned the nuclear missile testing of North Korea.

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