China Has Launched The World’s First Ever Quantum Satellite in Space

China Has Launched The World’s First Ever Quantum Satellite in Space


Beijing: China has launched the first ever quantum satellite in space, it almost impossible to hack the information and contacts of this satellite.


The satellite was launched from the launch center in the Gobi desert, Mongolia on Tuesday, the project was completed in five years.


This launch of the quantum satellite is part of the Chinese strategy to compete and even surpass the western powers in the field of hard science and research. Earlier projects include the first ever use of CRISPR gene editing techniques to alter a human embryo.


According to professor of quantum physics at the University of Geneva, Nicolas Gisin, ““There’s been a race to produce a quantum satellite, and it is very likely that China is going to win that race. It shows again China’s ability to commit to large and ambitious projects and to realize them.”


Researchers all around the world are trying to study the potentially powerful and unique properties of subatomic particles, but China is the country which provides the most state support for these types of researches.


Although no exact figure of the allocated budget to the build the satellite has been disclosed by China but the research budgets have been raised from $1.9 billion in 2005 to $101 billion in 2015.


China has gathered numerous Chinese born quantum physics experts from different countries and hired them for this project and other research projects too.


According to an article published by the Nature, quantum communication will be hack proof, it said, “The two parties can communicate secretly”.


The article further said,


“If China succeeds in the launch of this quantum satellite more satellites will be sent to space which will together create a super-secure communications network, potentially linking people anywhere.


But groups from Canada, Japan, Italy and Singapore also have plans for quantum space experiments.”

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