Candid Discussion with Executive VP John Sillup of GERA

Candid Discussion with Executive VP John Sillup of GERA

In 2016, former CEO of Variety Charity (SND) a 501c3 charity, John Sillup has merged with the Global Education and Research Alliance (GERA) 501c3 and was made the Executive Vice President, board member. Mr. Sill is working with CEO of GERA, Davit Mnatsakanyan towards the formation of the first non-profit Institute in NOHO. North Hollywood is home to 5 community colleges with varying programs.

GERA Institute will reach the over 10,000 students and growing young demographic in the North Hollywood, California area. GERA Institute is forming 5 start-up programs in Business Development, IT Business info-systems, Marketing, and Medical Technology. Students will have in-house internship opportunities offered by business partners aligned with GERAʼs mission to create practical education experience that make students easily enter the workforce in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Partnering with GERA Institute is an elite Board of Directors consisting of successful entrepreneurs from around the USA.

Mr. Sill is currently the Executive Vice President, board member for GERA. In this role, he works with GERA a 501c3 providing services for students and itʼs partners in business towards the formation of GERA Institute. Mr. Sill summarized the goals of GERA Institute, “We want to encourage individuals of all ages to realize their full potential, support lifelong learning, build the culture of entrepreneurialism in the NOHO community and help our Los Angeles business sector prosper”. Mr. Sill went on to say that, “GERA is first of all an educational-charitable organization.

This means that our product places people first and provides services in ways which are flexible, responsive, friendly and efficient to meet their educational needs. Students need an Institute that really cares and puts the needs of their students first”.

GERA intends to be a new college celebrating diversity and aims to ensure that everyone can fulfill their potential. Talks of collaboration with the NOHO city are expected to be positive, as GERA would be the first non-profit college founded in NOHO.

Grants, free tuition and employment placement services will be incorporated into the educational experience. “Throughout the development of the new institute, the Subcommitteeʼs guiding intent is to establish and maintain a broadly inclusive and participatory process,” said VP chair John Sill. “We are confident that we will succeeded in our goal.” According to Mr. Sill, GERA is still forming itʼs statutes and advisory board. “Stage I, GERA Institute is still months from begi ing”, says Mr. Sill, and “we still have many months before we launch our first branding campaign”…”but we intend maintain transparency to gain the favor and participation of the local community of NOHO.”

GERA also provides charitable work in providing both external benefits of infrastructure shelter, food, and education for different groups of impoverished peoples abroad. The foundation is in the early stages of planning and design for the institute, including accreditation details, and further details will be provided toward the beginning of 2018. If you are interested in participating as a funding partner, advisory board member, or other role in the foundation of GERA Institute, Mr. Sill(up) can be reached at



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