Bus Accident in Kathmandu Killed 22 people and Injured 17

Bus Accident in Kathmandu Killed 22 people and Injured 17


Kathmandu: A bus full of passengers fell into the river in the town of Pokhara in Kathmandu, Nepal, 22 people lost their lives and 17 people were injured.


According to a foreign news agency the bus was carrying passengers from the town of Pokhara to Gorja in Nepal when it lost control on the Naraingarh Muglan road and fell 200 feet down in the Trishuli river.


A total of 22 people lost their lives as a result and 17 people were injured, the bus is still half submerged in the water and some passengers are stuck inside.


The district chief Binod Prakash singh confirmed the number of deaths and said, “Twenty-one people have died in the accident and 16 have been rescued.”


Rescue workers have taken the people who were injured in the accident out of the river and have transferred them to different hospitals in where they are getting medical treatment.


According to the Nepali police the accident happened in the Trishuli river near the area of Chandi Bhanjyang village which is located 120 kilometers west of the capital Kathmandu.


It is not yet clear what caused the accident but a majority of accidents happen due to the miserable conditions of the buses that run on the bending mountain roads of Nepal.


Do note that at the start of the current month a bus full of passengers fell into a creek in eastern Nepal area killing at least 33 people and injured 28.


In another incident 25 people died when a bus full of passengers fell off a hilly road in the Kavre district of Nepal, the bus fell almost 500 meters down the hill.


Dangerous roads and badly maintained transport vehicles make a dangerous combination and results in fatal accidents regularly.

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