British People Support the Decision to Separate from European Union

British People Support the Decision to Separate from European Union


London: The people of Britain have decided to separate their country from the sixty year long alliance with European Union in a referendum which shows the distrust that the British people have towards the European Union.


According to the British Broadcasting Corporation 100% of the result of the referendum to decide whether Britain will remain in the European Union or not have been announced which shows that 51.9% of the voters have decided to leave European Union while 48.1% of the voters were in favor of staying with the European Union.


Britain’s decision to leave the European Union have resulted in a huge decline in the stock market whereas the British Pound has lost 11% of its value against the United States dollar and this is the lowest it has ever been in the last 31 years.


In Hartal port 70% of the voters supported leaving the European Union whereas in Luton and Southampton the opposers of European Union were also successful, Bradford which has a large population of Pakistanis voted in favor of staying with European Union.


Political pundits are saying that now Europe will be free in devising its own economic policies and pressure will increase on David Cameron to resign as he was a huge supporter of remaining a member of European Union.


The president of United States Barack Hussein Obama had warned during his last visit that if England decides to leave the European Union it will lose its opportunities to have free trade agreements with United States.


A large portion of the British population came out and took part in the referendum from 7 o’clock  in the morning till 10 o’clock in the evening yesterday and it is estimated that the total turnout of referendum was 70%.


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