Bill Gates became richest man of the world, for the 18th time in last 23 years

Bill Gates became richest man of the world, for the 18th time in last 23 years


New York, American analysis magazine Forbes revealed the list of the  2043 Billionaires of the world, among these with the total assets of $86 Trillion, Bill Gates once again came at number one, as the richest man of the World.

From the last 4 years he is continuously at number one in the Forbes listing of the most richest ones, meanwhile in the last 23 years, 18 times he became the richest man of the world, which is also a world record, of being at number one for as many years.

By the total assets of $75 Billion Warren Buffet stand at number two among the most richest ones, and the chief executive of Amazon and the Huffington post, with the total assets of $74.2 billion, is at number three, and a non popular Italian based U.S businessman Amancio Ortega with  $73.8 is at number four, Mark Zuckerberg is at number five with the total assets of $58.6 billion.

This year the among the most richest are more technology related giant companies CEO’s, with a rise of about 13 percent, this year another 195 people has joined the Global Club of Billionaires, among the new entries are 76 Chinese people.

Donald Trump is still among the billionaires of the world, but due to the recent campaign presidential election in U.S, he wasted much time and money over it, which brought a decline of 1 billion dollar in his assets, and the fall of 220 percent made him at number 544 among the richest people globally.

Most of the richest people in world belong to U.S, which is 565 people, the highest figure than any other country, among the 2043 most richest ones, it includes 319 Chinese billionaires, and 114 German billionaires as well.

This year Forbes also released the list of richest women on planet, according to which the L’oreal Key Lillian Batan is at number one by her total assets of $39.5 billion assets.

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