Berlin, Germany: Ivanka’s praise of father Trump was booed

Berlin, Germany: Ivanka’s praise of father Trump was booed

Berlin: Germany Ivanka Trump was booed while attending a women G20 conference as she mentioned her father’s role for the women rights.

This incident happened at German capital Berlin, where the G20 conference of global women was organised, in this 20 most richest country members were invited, this was held for the women rights, this two days conference is called the W20 or the Women 20 summit.

Ivanika while attending the conference, these were discussing the women industrialists in a panel, along the German chancellor Angela Merkel, and the Global Financial Funds President Christen Layguard.

When Ivanka Trump the first daughter of US, during the discussion mentioned her father Trump also the US president, she praised his role for women rights, which was booed intensely by the crowd, Angela Merkel from the hosting country much tried to tackle the situation, but she was slammed by many over her defensive statements regarding her father.

Ivanika claimed her father respects women a lot, and said him a ‘champion of families’

“Who do you represent, Ivanka? Your father, the American people or your business?”

“Well certainly not the latter,” Trump answered quickly – only to add the qualifier: “Speaking as an entrepreneur …”

She was, she said, “certainly quite unfamiliar” with her new role.

“I am listening and I am learning and I am defining ways in which I think I will be able to have an impact,” Trump said.

Trump was several times criticised over his behave towards women, last year US president Trump during his recent election campaign, one of his previous recording was leaked in which he was using much inappropriate words for women. For which he faced global protests.

Meanwhile her daughter Ivanka during the W20 summit claimed that she doesn’t know such face of his father, she explained that all ladie working with him in his company for several years disagreed the blames over her father, she said.

She claimed that her father Trump always intended to promote her as well, and she never faced any gender bias decision by her family.

White House in March, announced her role as an assistant to her father the sitting US president, her husband Jared Kushner is also involved in Trump administration, as the senior advisor to him.

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