Apple Removes Headphone Socket From iPhone 7

Apple Removes Headphone Socket From iPhone 7


New York: The latest model of Apple’s iPhone series, the iPhone 7 has been released all around and it has decided to remove the headphone socket, instead it uses wireless airpods.


iPhone 7 is launching at a time when its biggest rival Samsung has recalled its latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to battery problems and overheating.


The company said that it took “courage” to take the step of ditching the headphone jacks completely.


However, the company will also provide an additional adapter which will enable the user to use traditional headphones.


The new iPhone 7 is waterproof and it can remain submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and will still keep working. The smartphone also features a more powerful camera while the iPhone 7 plus model features a two-lens back camera providing different focal lengths.


Apple had also launched the new Apple watch in April and it was said that it can work under 50 meters of water, it can also be used during surfing and swimming in the ocean.

However, the most talked about feature of the new smartphone is the ditching of headphone sockets and the introduction of the airpods.


People are having mixed feelings about the whole thing, Simon Luca the editor of What Hi-Fi magazine told BBC, “If you’ve been interested purely in the audio quality then a wired connection has always been best.


You have greater stability – there’s no possibility of drop-outs. Wireless headphones also need to be charged, and the louder you listen to them the quicker they will run out of power.


With regards to headphones with a lightning connector, there’s only about eight pairs currently available and they will all have had to pay Apple a licence to use its proprietary connector.”


People have also shared their responses on social media where people have mocked the use of the word “courage” and also shown frustration that now they would have to spend $159 extra for the airpods.


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