Another Dwarf Planet Discovered In The Solar System

Another Dwarf Planet Discovered In The Solar System


Michigan: Astronomy experts have said that they have discovered another dwarf planet on the extreme edges of the galaxy and it is 13.6 billion kilometers away from our sun.


This planet has been discovered by the Michigan University experts, this planet is almost the size of the state of Iowa and its diameter is 530 kilometers.


This dwarf planets completes its orbit around the sun in about 1,100 years, although it has been called as the sixth dwarf planet of our solar system but the final decision will still take a few months.


Pluto was declared a dwarf planet in 2006 and till now four more dwarf planets have been added to the list, these include Sirius, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.


This new planet fits all the conditions of being a dwarf planet due to its size and it is being hoped that it will finally be added in the dwarf planet list next year.


In the past it was thought that there are only 9 planets in the solar system, but after lengthy arguments the international organisation of astronomers released a new ranking in which Pluto was moved from the common planets list to dwarf planets list.


Although the classification of dwarf planet is very complicated but there are four main conditions.


It should revolve around the sun, it should have enough matter and gravity that it forms a spherical shape, but not enough to clear the area near its orbit around the sun and it should not be revolving around any other planet.


Astronomers have said that there is a large belt of celestial bodies on the extreme edges of the galaxy called the “Copper Belt”.
Pluto and other dwarf planets belong to the copper belt and according to estimates there are a 100 to 200 dwarf planets in this belt.

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