American Researchers Prepared a Device to get Rid of Snoring

American Researchers Prepared a Device to get Rid of Snoring

New York: Ample of people snore during deep sleep. They are unaware of their snoring but others feel continuous disturbance. Now awake people’s problem has been solved by American researchers. They have introduced a device which will inform the snoring person, without disturbing his sleep and he will stop snoring instantly.


San Francisco prepared this device and named it ‘Nora’. Nora will help to get rid of snoring and it will make your and others sleep better. This device is placed under the pillow of a sleeping person and when he will start snoring, this device will touch him in an undisturbed way. That will stop his snoring immediately. This device has a microphone. Microphone hears snoring and replies in the form of signals, which flow within the pillow. Pillow will touch the person and it will stop his snoring. This touch is so gentle and light that sleeping person cannot feel it.

This device is 8 cm long and it is placed alongside the bed. It works wirelessly and the microphone is placed under the pillow, attached with cushion. When snoring voice reaches the microphone, it replies back and cushion placed under the pillow will touch the person slightly.

‘Nora’ makers says that this device slightly moves the cushion. That cushion will move neck muscles, to normalize airways and the person starts breathing normally.  

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