Acer Predator 21X: The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Acer Predator 21X: The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop


Berlin: Acer Europe has just released the world’s most powerful gaming laptop, it also holds the record for the heaviest laptop available on the market, the laptop will be available for sale in 2017.


The Acer Predator 21X weighs around 17 pounds (8 kilograms) which is very heavy as compared other laptops. The laptop has been showcased in the European electronics exhibition “IFA 2016” in Berlin Germany.


It features a 21 inch Nvidia G Sync screen, it is the largest and the world’s first curved screen for any laptop.


Since it is specially built for gaming, it features two Geforce GTX 1080 graphical processing units and a built in gaming keyboard.


The Predator 21X is an extremely power hungry laptop and it has two power supplies, it also features 8 heat pipes and 5 system fans to maintain the temperature of the laptop.


This laptop has 64 gigabytes of RAM and it can support up to five hard drives. Another main feature is the eye tracking camera manufactured by the company Tobii, the camera tracks down the movement and you can even take aim with your eye movement while playing a game.


However, this feature is only limited to games which are compatible with this technology.


Cherry MX switches have been used in the keyboard and an RGB LED is installed under every key making the keyboard more beautiful.


If you want to use the numeric pad in Predator 21X you will have to take out the touch pad and turn it over and place it back, the back of the touchpad features a numeric pad.


Such high specifications in any laptop means it will not come at a cheap price, although the price has not been disclosed yet but it will probably fall in the range of $5000.


Acer Predator 21X Specification:


  • Seventh generation Intel Core Processor
  • 2x Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics cards with SLI
  • 2560×1080
  • 21 inch curved display
  • Tobii eye-tracking technology
  • Mechanical Keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches and 5 macro keys
  • Five Fans
  • 8KG

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