7 Basic Tips for Street Photography

7 Basic Tips for Street Photography

Street photography is a favorite subject of photography, but it is not easy for everyone. Below we provide 7 tips to improve your street photography:

1. Think about your use of color
A street scene can often look pretty restless, especially when there are a lot of people on display. Photographing in black and white makes your image calmer. Sometimes, however, colors are a determining factor, such as small market streets with brightly colored products and abandoned corridors with graffiti artworks. Always shoot in RAW and decide afterward how much color your photo needs.

2. An eye for detail
To get a rest in your photo, you can also choose not to capture the entire street scene, but only a small aspect of it. Try to select a quiet background or play with your depth of field to separate the subject from your background.

3. Photograph from a distance
Most people start behaving differently when they realize that they are being photographed. To prevent this ‘custom behavior,’ it is sometimes nice to photograph from a considerable distance with a telephoto lens. In that case, one does not realize that she/he is being filmed and continues undisturbed with what he/she was doing. Always keep the portrait rights of people in mind!

4. Photograph contrasts
The contrast in a street scene does not necessarily have to be a black/white zebra crossing. You can also think of nature that pushes back into the city, renewal and decay or poverty and wealth. Photograph a lady from a stand in front of a wall with graffiti or capture the garbage man who punctures the business district. Both in portraits and stills you can play with contrast originally.

5. The street is constantly changing
Are your photos not quite as desired? Try to come back at a different time. Every hour the light is different, the contrasts change, and the people change. The weather turns or the streets empty. The ‘atmosphere’ on the street adapts continuously, and therefore you can also adjust the atmosphere in your photo.

6. Composition
The composition is essential for portraits, stills and the architecture of the street. For people, take the division into account as well as the viewing direction. A strong portrait stands or falls in a well-thought-out composition.

7. Shutter speed
The street and the surrounding buildings are stately quiet, while everything around it is alive and moving. Street photography is, therefore, a perfect subject that invites you to play with the shutter speed.

Additional Tip: Get inspiration!
In our street photography collection, you will find some beautiful pictures taken on the street. In addition, some street photos are analyzed by a professional in Feedback street photography!

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