67 Killed in power plant mishap in China

67 Killed in power plant mishap in China


Beijing: At least 67 people have been killed in eastern China when an under construction platform collapsed at a power plant on Thursday, at least one workers was pulled alive from under the rubble according to the state media.

The accident happened at a power plant in the city of Fengcheng in the southeastern Jiangxi province at around 7:30 am local time.

Jiangxi Ganneng Co, the company which was building the power plant’s share have dropped 3.7% after it confirmed the death of 67 workers in the accident.

Li Keqiang, the Chinese Premiere has said the people responsible for this mishap must be apprehended and held accountable for, he has ordered an investigation to find out the reasons of the accident and find the culprits.

The central government of China has quoted Li Keqiang on their website, he said, “Strengthen supervision and preventive measures, prevent such a major accident from happening again.”


Since the past few months a series of large industrial accidents have occurred in China, most of the people blame rampant corruption and the constant pressure to increase production which means most of the time safety is not a priority.

Last year almost 170 people were killed in the city of Tianjin due to a chemical blast, the director of State Administration of Work Safety was removed from his position and later he was found guilty of taking a bribe of $4.12 million.

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