5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

To book a wedding photographer is a complicated process. Although that should not really be the case. Before you have that conversation, of course, you first select one or more photographers. For this reason, we write this article. We also want to give you a few things to think about. Because you can only make that choice once. So, 5 things to watch out for.

1. What style do I exactly look for: is the portfolio that I see fit with what I have in mind?
There are many DC Wedding photographers, and almost every photographer has a website with his or her most beautiful wedding photos. And I suspect that you have already looked at a part and maybe at a given moment can no longer see the trees through the forest. My tip is to create a folder on your desktop or a folder on Pinterest and pin your favorite photos. We often get to hear from our bridal couples that they have looked at many photos and came out again and again with our photography.
A mix is also possible though. We often photograph the day as photojournalism as possible, while we make a few suggestions during the (short or not) photo shoot. And especially ask your future what he/she wants and expects.

2. What is the price: is this the best wedding photography I can get for my budget?
The frequently asked question: “why is a wedding photographer so expensive?” The answer to that question is a mix of the experience of the wedding photographer, the number of weddings he/she photographs per year. The number of photos that you may or may not be edited, the number of photographers that come to photograph, and the question whether you get an album or not with your reportage. Also, you also have to take into account how long it takes before you get to see the photos. And how is the personal contact that you have with your photographer? The Perfect Wedding writes that on average you pay about 1500 dollars for your wedding photographer, but it does not state what exactly you get.
So before you set a budget, it is good to see what you want. Do you want a wedding album? Do you opt for wedding photography from early morning to late evening? Do you want 1 or 2 photographers? And do you really want average wedding photography or do you really think photography is very important?
On the basis of these questions, you can see if you want to start from the idea that a bridal photographer takes on average 8 to 10% of the budget or that you think: “look at those averages, I just want another wedding reportage than I often see passing.” Oh, one last tip see if you still get extra costs afterward. For example, for the design of the wedding album, for printing photos, for travel costs and/or parking costs or for finishing the photos.

3. What is the quality: do I get what I pay for me?
You see a lot of separate photos online, but the photos that we suspect will be worth more to you later, are the photos that you do not get so fast. Check if it is possible to see more photos from 1 reportage. For example via the blog section of the website of the photographers you have in mind. And if you’re planning a conversation, see if you can see a wedding album of 1 complete wedding, instead of an album with “the best wedding photos.” Because in fact, everyone can take a few nice pictures at a wedding, it’s all about a reportage from A to Z is good. Also, check out the wedding album. This can be with flattened pages, the album can have a real leather cover, it can have a storage box, or maybe you do not want a wedding album at all and just skip this paragraph. And how many photos do you get? Are those photos all edited and in large format? And are they without watermark? Can you use the photos on social media and share prints with your family? All small things that can affect the quality experience.

4. Feeling: do I have that famous click with my photographer?
We made it ourselves when we went looking for a wedding location: 1 of the managers started to give their own interpretation without knowing anything about us. “And then you’re going to toast with champagne, and the bridesmaids can sprinkle rosemary and then people can play” … Errr … we do not drink alcohol, and we have (unfortunately then) no bridesmaids. That made us immediately that it conversation had a weird beginning. Just like we, as a photographer, also make the best wedding photography when we are completely in our element, so a couple also wants to feel that their day is in safe and friendly hands. That click, I did not really believe in it, but I now know that you as a bridal couple and wedding supplier still need a certain connection. Of course, you do not have to become best friends, but we like to be able to feel a bit like the bride and groom, so that the photos are also more natural and, of course, GOOD!

5. What is the professionalism of my wedding photographer: can I entrust this photographer with my wedding day?
“And then it appeared that the photographer had forgotten to put a card in the camera.” Or “the batteries of the camera were empty, you do not believe that?”. We hear these kinds of horror stories more often. And to be very honest, an accident is in a small corner; photographers are also just human. But…. This does not mean that being a photographer cannot try to minimize the possibility of human error. You can bring extra cameras, batteries, strobes, lenses, memory cards and much more. All those investments cost money of course, and that does not have every photographer for it. See if you can entrust your photographer with your beautiful wedding. In fact, I only know colleagues who work very hard and often go for safety. That does not mean, however, that there are no novice photographers who take just a little more risk. We have of course also started at the bottom of the ladder.

Extra Tip: if the photographer has a section on his/her with reviews, references or opinions of couples, then watch them for a while. The more reviews, the more likely they are to give a good picture of the photographer.

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