44 Killed in Syrian Air Force Air Strike in Market

44 Killed in Syrian Air Force Air Strike in Market


Damascus: At least 44 people were killed many of them were women and children in the result of massive airstrikes by Syrian Army.

According to the foreign news agency military jets of Syrian army bombed a market in Adlab province northern Syria. Many of the people were buying daily stuff from the market at the time of attack, many of the people who killed in the airstrike are women and children.

Syria is in civil war from 2007, different fighting groups representing different sects and groups fighting against each other. More than 200,000 people were killed in the war. Thousands of women and children killed in the war from 2007.

Al Nasra front and FSA Free Syrian Army is fighting against the Shia president Bashar ul Assad. All the groups fighting against Syrian government are pro Saudi and American forces while the forces fighting against Al Nasra Front and Islamic State are pro Iran and Russian.

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