More than 300,000 people sign petition to ‘remove health-care subsidies’ for Congress

More than 300,000 people sign petition to ‘remove health-care subsidies’ for Congress

A man from New Mexico has started a petition to “remove health-care subsidies for member of Congress and their families” and it has been signed by more than 300,000 people.

The 30-year-old Daniel Jimenez lost his father to cancer few years ago who was not covered with health insurance even though he was employed at that time. Daniel thinks that his father could have been saved if he had insurance cover.

Daniel Jimenez wrote in the petition on last week: “As Congress and president Trump try to pass a new healthcare law, I’m reminded of my father and whether he would have made it if he had early access to cost-effective health care.

“if Congress is willing to drastically cut health-care subsidies for most people, are they willing to have the same rules apply to them and their families?”

He further wrote: “A lot of Members of Congress promote choices as an American value, which is all the more reason for them to have to continue to choose their own health coverage from the free marketplace. If private health care is good for the American citizen, it should also be good for the people that defend it.”

According to law if the petition received 500,000 then it will be delivered to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Bernie Sanders and president Donald Trump.

When asked if he thinks 500,000 signature are enough for Congress to take action Daniel replied: “Honestly, even if the petition gathered 5 million signatures, I don’t think members of Congress would do something as drastic as that.”

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