20 Civilians Killed And 32 Injured In Syria Due To United States Airstrike In Raqqa

20 Civilians Killed And 32 Injured In Syria Due To United States Airstrike In Raqqa


Damascus: A US airstrike in the city of Raqqa in Syria has killed 20 civilians and injured more than 20 others.

According to the French news agency AFP, United States and allies have confirmed that airstrikes have been conducted in this area, however they have said that an investigation has been started regarding the death and injuries of civilians.

According to a human rights group working in Syria, the British Monitoring Group, the airstrike in the village of Al Hasha late in night also injured dozens of civilians.

They have released a statement that United States and its allies have started a large scale operation in the area of Raqqa and more skirmishes are still going on.

Rami Abdul Rahman, the chief of monitoring group told media that the death toll due to the airstrike has reached 20 including 9 women and 2 children. Almost 32 people have been injured in the airstrike whereas all casualties were civilian.


Keep in mind that the village of Al Hasha is controlled by ISIS and the United States and its allies have started an operation here just recently.

The spokesperson for the United States alliance, Col. John Dorian told media that initial information show that airstrikes have been conducted in that area and that civilians deaths have occurred.

However, more investigation is needed to find out who exactly is responsible for this incident, meanwhile the spokesperson for the Kurdish-Arab alliance, Jehan Sheikh Ahmed has denied civilians deaths in the airstrike.

On the other hand the Secretary General of United Nations Organisation, Ban Ki Moon has expressed extreme concerns over the possibility of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He presented a letter in the security council regarding the report of the organisation which bans the use of chemical weapons.

Now that the US elections have been completed and Donald Trump has become the new president, there is a possibility that the situation in Syria might change.

Russia has welcomed his win and president Vladimir Putin has said that he hopes Russia and United States will restore bilateral relation which will not only be beneficial for both of them but also for international issues.

Keep in mind Hillary Clinton was pushing for a strategy which if implemented would have meant high chances of an all out war with Russia, since Donald Trump admired Putin and has said that he is a better leader than Obama, it is expected that things might normalize with Russia in the near future.

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