After 19 years, Pakistan is going to have a consensus

After 19 years, Pakistan is going to have a consensus

Pakistan has started its consensus after around 19 years, which will be completed till 25th May, this consensus will be done in the two sessions, required equipments for the concession has been provided to the staff involved in this operation.

In the first session of the consensus theses officials will first of all count the total number of buildings in around three days, after which on 18th March, these around 0.18 million staff members will be starting the count of the total number of existing people in the country, 0.2 million military officers are also deployed for the security purpose with the consensus teams.

Till 14th April the first session of these consensus will be ending, in this consensus modern equipments and special forms will be used for the accurate results of these consensus, over which everyone could agree.

In the first session of these consensus, the northern areas of the country will be done, after which the southern provinces like Sindh and Balochistan will be done afterwards in the second half of these modern consensus in the country after such a long time, will be solving many complications regarding many population issues to the country.

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