100s of Soldiers Killed in Clash Between Turkish Troops and Kurdish Rebels

100s of Soldiers Killed in Clash Between Turkish Troops and Kurdish Rebels


Istanbul; Clashes between Turkish troops and Kurdish rebels killed more than 100, including 2 soldiers. in the past 5 days.

According to a foreign news agency, in the southeast of Turkish village, clashed between the Turkish troops and Kurdish rebels continued, killing 2 Turkish soldiers. Till now 102 Turkish soldiers have been killed. Turk force’s operation against rebels in North east province of Sarnak, there fierce clashed happened in which 32 people killed including 5 civilians.

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According to the Security personals, yesterday 70 people belonged to the rebels party, Kurd workers party. They said, Kurd rebels has established their safe havens in northern iraq hills. From there, they attack on west eastern provinces of Turkey. Sources said, Southeastern cities, Chezer, slopit and the biggest city sheheryar Bakar, operation against rebels has been started. Last day, Turkish forces targeted in Northern Iraq, across the border cities, destroyed their weapons and ammunitions.

Local media says; In the southeastern cities of Turkey, more than 10 thousand soldiers are fighting against Kurdish rebels. Turkey is now fighting with the Kurds who wants their own independent country.

Meanwhile recently Russian present and ex member of KGB Russian premier intelligence agency blamed Turkey for buying oil from Islamic State. Russia is using less power in Syria We may use more power to defeat Islamic State in Syria he added. Last week Russian president has said that Russia may use Atomic arms.

Saudi Arabia along with 34 other Muslim country including Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, UAE formed a new military alliance against Islamic State. On the other side Spokesman of Pakistan’s foreign office has said that Pakistan would not participate in war directly, We are just assisting Arab forces to fight against invaders and terrorist.

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